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written on January 9th, 2011

The main characters from this comic are all based loosely on real life people with their permission. It is important to note that they may not always act the way I have them act in the interests of the storyline of this comic.

Marc Gunn

I originally met Marc at I-Con in Stony Brook University on Long Island about 9 years ago. The comic was his idea, so if you need to blame anybody, blame him!

Marc plays an Autoharp and is one of the most prolific people I know! Check out his many projects and CD's and latest news over at his site

Marc also loves cats and if you've read through since the beginning, you'll note that he has also had a makeover- gone are the glasses and goatee (how do you Spell that anyway?) which I kind of miss drawing.

Samantha Gillogly

Sam is a violinist that I met at an anime convention I was attending (and she was not!) about 2 years ago in Vermont. Neither of us were in our home state! Talk about coincidence!

She was checking out the strange goings on in the hotel she was staying at and saw my table filled with art - including art with Marc on it. She recognized Marc and things went downhill from there (for her! poor girl didn't know what she'd gotten herself into...)

She loves cats and Apocolyptica and Star Trek - among many other things.

You can check out her My Space Page

Jack Chen

I met Jack about two years ago completely by accident and through Sam. Much to his dismay I'm sure!

He plays the flute and would you believe that it really is made out of gold? No lie - I saw it myself! There is also a dragon carved near the mouthpiece of the flute and was the inspiration for the current storyline - "Marc's Quest in Fairyland".

Jack is very nice and lots of fun. He loves cats and zombies! He has his own website right here just flute, just jack

I hope he can forgive how poorly I draw him...

Nikki O'Shea

The non musicican of the group, I fulfill a more 'traditional' bardic role - that of the record keeper. I follow the real musicians around to record their adventures - how else do you think the comic is made?

Yes. I really did play flute once upon a time. and yes, I did forget how. I still have my flute and one of these days I plan on getting it fixed (maintenence work) and trying to relearn.

I love doing ink work in a fantasy setting so this comic was great for me to do. If you're interested in other works I've done, please check out my other website: Dragon Press Graphics

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