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Dragon Press Graphics - The Bards Comic Currently, my Etsy is on vacation and all items are on hiatus due to life making it really hard for me to get to a Post Office any time soon. I will see what I can do to work out something else for the shop. In the meantime, prints and books ARE available in person at conventions - check the events page for a convention schedule.

Bards Comic Relaunched Graphic Novel

56 pages, black and white, Perfect Bound

The continuing adventures of The Bards Comic - this graphic novel follows Marc Gunn, Jack Chen, Samantah Gillogly and Nikki on Marcs' journey to find a magical instrument

No longer available on Etsy - will have in person at conventions for $20

If you ever wanted the original series before reset in one easy to collect book, this is your chance! These were printed up through Kickstarter as a VERY limited run and are available in person for $25. With over 55 pages of comics, 1/3 of the book is in color and collects the original 6 year run of the Bards Comic before relaunch: This book focuses on the bards when they were The Brobdingnagian Bards.

  • All Bard Prints are 8 1/2" x 11" unless otherwise specified.
  • All Black and White Bard Prints are done on cardstock and are $4.oo unless otherwise specified

  • All Color Prints are done on a thick Photo Glossy Paper and Cost = $8.oo apiece.

  • You will notice that the shop has items in different locations - Etsy or paypal directly - I'd rather use Etsy, but it costs to list
  • This shop has prints from both the old and new versions of The Bards Comic
  • As you can see there are books, prints and ponies of varying types -bookmars/magnets/ornaments.
  • I also take commissions - contact me or use the Etsy shop

Bards Pony Pack

Dragon Press Graphics

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