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Dragon Press Graphics - The Bards Comic
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Hello Hello - updates from 9/19/14 -just to make sure you guys know I'm still alive and not ghost posting comic strips! So we DO have news!

First, The Deluxe book came out and is great looking! But I didn't have money for much of a print run, so I'm currently runing a small Kickstarter that ends only 12 days from now - we're almost there! So check it out at: The Bards Comic Deluxe Compilation

Feel free to share it around and thanks for your help!

Also, I'm still having scanner/printer issues. HOWEVER, I have gotten a new Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch tablet as well as Manga Studio 5. I'm still learning the program AND the device (it's my first tablet ever) but I am LOVING it - and there is no need for a scanner with it! I did the last 8 comics with it as an exploratory for the use in straight from my computer comics and I have to say I was very happy with it. I hope you all enjoyed the brief interlude as I practiced and I hope to be back to the regular story line by next week.

Feel free to drop me a line about what you thought about the 8 comic interlude done on the tablet.

Lastly, I know where I'm going with the current storyline (eventually) but I have to admit I've been having problems getting there - It's one of the reasons for the delay. I've been struggling with the current comics, and was hoping the 8 strip mini comic would give me a rebreather. I do have a couple more planned (one even 90% done) but hope I catch my re-inspiration soon.

I've also been considering more and more when I want to end the comic. Should I? Well, whenever it is, with how long it takes me to complete a storyline, I don't think it'll be anytime soon! lol...

Older News (but still important)

I have reopened the shop page, which has been down for like, FOREVER - Bards Comic merchandize HAD still been available - the shop options for bard stuff used to be available through my main page Dragon Press Graphics Because I was trying to make it easier to maintain the shop by putting it all in one place. I revamped it to make it simpler and put Bards stuff back in its own shop but, I have no idea why I never finished it. I also have items available for the Bards in my new Etsy Shop.

So check out our shop page for all sorts of things and the new stuff! Stuff being sold on Etsy - remember to watch out for sales! Also, since the facebook widget is down, and since just liking the bards comic page doesn't necessarily mean you'll see the posts, I'm linking my tumblr page - Dragon Press Graphics:Art by a Nerd here as well - it's still pretty new, so There's not much on it just yet. I'm hoping to change that as we move forward.

2014: Planning

  • Anime Boston : Hynes Convention Center - Boston, Massachussets - March 21- 23 : OVER
  • Famicon 2014 April 19th in Londonderry, NH - OVER
  • AAC October 17-19, 2014 Radisson Hotel Manchester, NH - DEFINITE
  • DrawnCon November 15-16 at Westford Regency Inn and Conference Center in Westford, MA - DEFINITE
The Shop contains:

  • Prints (from old and new)
  • Books
  • Bards as Ponies
  • Commissions
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