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Back from the dead? Say it isn't so! 01/25/19:

Its... been 5 years? Last actual update says Sept 2014 so... ugh. I don't even know what happened. My dad passed away May of 2014, and a whole lot of stuff happened. Financially (still going), motivationally (Still having issues), Server going down (FIXED!), Writers Block (Ugh....) and then... the longer it took to get things going again, the guiltier I felt and I just started... avoiding things.

I'm hoping to fix that.

I no longer have a working printer or scanner, so those issues I started having 5 years ago? The thing is bricked now. But I have a tablet, and I've spent some time over the last few years learning how to draw on it. I'm hoping to be able to start producing comics again soon. If anyones still reading this.

Even if you're not, I want to at least finish the storyline and bring the comic to a more satisfying close than just having been abandoned. If you are, thank you and I'm sorry.

2019: Planning

  • Anime Boston : Hynes Convention Center - Boston, Massachussets - April 19th - 21st : Definite
  • AAC : Radisson Hotel - Chelmsford, MA (MOVED!) - September 27th - 29th
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